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Bike-Counter system
for the counting of cyclists

Especially for the detection of cyclists in areas that are also frequented by pedestrians, we have developed a bicycle counting system that is able to reliably distinguish cyclists from pedestrians, count the individual cyclists and determine their driving directions.

The Bike-Counter system consists of a pre-assembled sensor module with specially developed controller. The sensor will be embedded flush into the road surface and is able to withstand the strain of snow clearing and delivery services. All components have been designed for permanent use in an automatic counting system.

The controller communicates with any PC over the GSM-radio network, or else connects via the internet in GPRS mode or via modem in CSD mode. The controller aggregates the data for user-defined time slots and sends the data to a PC either at regular intervals, for instance every 5 minutes, for real-time surveys or once a day for static surveys.

The power consumption of the Bike-Counter system is low and only requires a 12 V power supply from a mains adapter or a solar panel. Alternatively, it can be powered by a battery for several weeks