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Laser Sensor SAM

Modern systems for traffic surveillance , traffic guidance and control require reliable sensoring. In contrast to conventional methods, laser sensors offer distinctive advantages. Owing to the optical mode of functioning of the laser detectors, the road construction remains untouched, in addition they can be installed and serviced without interfering with the flow of traffic.
SAM (Sensing and Activating Module) is an infrared laser detector offering various possibilities for traffic surveillance. Due to the exceptional technology used for analysis SAM recognises objects in 12 selective range slots. Presence and distance information together result in a markedly fail-save and more precise analysis. The tightly focussed and modulated infrared laser beam, in connection with the employed narrow band filters, is insensitive to sunlight, fog and snow fall. These are considerable advantages over other optical detectors. SAM is able to detect stationary as well as moving vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians and objects up to a minimal size of 5 cm.

SAM is excellently suited for the following application purposes:

  • Overheight Detection
  • Object Detection
  • 2 Range Detection
  • Drawbar Detection