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hc8™ System

hc8™ is an integrated system for manual traffic data collection that combines the accuracy of electronically synchronised data collection with the flexibility of manual surveys. It has been designed by our traffic engineers in line with requirements and is in daily use in more than 20 countries all over the world.

The keys of the hc8 logger can be freely programmed. By simply exchanging the keypad foil, the logger can be used for different surveys. It can store vehicles in over 4,000 intervals and accommodates most intersections, vehicle types and turning movements. An internal clock and positive keypad feedback through feel and sound supports the enumerator ideally in his work.

The hc8 setup software installed on PC controls and documents all functions of the hc8 system. For analysis, reporting and data archiving for the different survey options and user defined surveys, the KNO-WIN and KNO-FLU software suites are available.




 Brochure - hc8 System (english)
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